The Warrior Coin™ – Custom Challenge Coin

For decades, Challenge Coins have been used to prove unit affiliation and instill a sense of pride and motivation for members of the military, police and firefighters.  Warrior Coin™ evolved in 2008 from her sister company Warrior Chip™ which offers a unique alternative to metal challenge coins.  While custom metal coins weren’t the core Warrior Chip™ business, customer’s commissioned our team specifically for our design capability compared to other companies who create the design in power point and send them to China.

Hands down, we have the best designers in the industry and if you are looking for a “cheap” coin and quick design, we probably aren’t the company for you.  We are unique in that we don’t accept every customer’s request for commissioning a custom design and hand crafted minted coin.  We look for clients who have a passion for their coins and can appreciate the time, quality and effort we put into every design and minted coin.

As in the military, communication is key to our success in providing you and your unit with superior quality challenge coins. We will not leave you on the battlefield empty handed and are committed to responding to your request(s) within one business day.

Warrior Challenge Coins are the premier choice for military challenge coins and are great for police departments, SWAT units, K-9, corporate, non-profit and hundreds of other applications.  Contact Us today for a quote or with any questions you may have.